Questions Answers
What is the Edison Hack Club? Edison Hack Club is a club within the hack club umbrella. We are also under Hack Club Bank as a fiscally sponsored project.
What is the mission of Edison Hack Club? To teach CS/SE through flexible non-cumulative workshops and provide opportunities of collaborative work on projects for the Edison Students by the Edison Students including software, hardware, art, and events(hackathons, hackjams, etc).
What is Hack Club? Hack Club is an American based nonprofit organization helping establish Coding Clubs.
Where can I find the Edison Hack Club? On this site and on instagram.
Who's the advisor? Mr. Perez out of Room G25
How can students join? All students can join our workshops, at any time in the year through signing up using the form on our website.
When do students meet? Students will meet once every other week in person for a workshop and optionally online on discord to work on collaborative club projects.
What can students expect? An hour-long workshop where they get to learn how to build something with Computer Science/Software Engineering with great people and the opportunity to work on club projects, events, and management. Also, we may have snacks, stickers, and other freebies.
What kind of experience do students need? Students don’t need any to join our workshops, but any knowledge of technical skills can play into the creation of their work.
Why is it called Hack Club? Hack Club doesn’t refer to hacking a computer, but the term for hackathons. Hackathons are events where students create anything they want with technology. Hack Club embodies the same spirit of making, and thus we are a hack club.
What kind of things will workshops be about? Web Development, Python, Discord Bot development, Machine Learning, Game Development, etc. Students will lead, run, and write workshops on any topic they know.
How can you help our Hack Club create an amazing depth of opportunity for all kinds of students?
1. Join our workshops and spread the news. If you’re a teacher, faculty, student, etc.
2. Tell us your woes, we love to solve problems and we love solving problems that affect us.
3. Connect with us, we are always looking for sponsors, partners, and making relationships with other clubs.
4. Ask your friends to join, as long as they think they can create things, they are welcome.
How does donating work? Edison Hack Club is fiscally sponsored by Hack Club Bank, a project of The Hack Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations can be done on our website through the link, and they are tax-deductible.
What are the rules? Code of Conduct is here: This will be enforced.